Stop Paying For NFL Sunday Ticket and RedZone With StreamSmart!

See how you can see all you NFL Games and RedZone for free using your StreamSmart  for free!

  What is    ?

StreamSmart is a receiver that allows you to view Movies, Live Sports, Pay Per View, TV Shows  and live streams of your favorite TV Channels in HD for FREE over your internet connection with no monthly fees or contracts. 

This Sounds TOO Good to be True, Is it Legal?

YES! This is the granddaddy of all the questions our customers want to know ahead of time.

It is 100% legal to "stream" content that is freely available on the internet. It is illegal to " download" copyrighted content, which is why our boxes have no hard drive.

StreamSmart aggregates  the content accross the web in one easy-to-use interface. Which means It will stay legal as long as the internet stays legal! 

What Else Do I get with My StreamBox?

Why Is it So Expensive?